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Leslie A.    07/20/14
​I am so glad to found the Pamela's service. She helped to get the settlement that I supposed to. I didn't have any knowledge of accident at all. She explained very well and I didn't have to do anything. She handled all the necessary paperwork and so on. I highly recommend her service.  I was a front passenger in a t-bone collision and sustained head and upper body injuries.  Initially, I intended to resolve the issue with the insurance company myself.  I didn't realize how difficult it was to handle all on my own, so I decided to hire Pamela Aleman to assist with my case as she came highly recommended by a trusted friend.  And let me tell you, hiring Pamela was the best thing I could've done...she was absolutely amazing and took care of everything, going above and beyond alleviating all the stress that comes with dealing with insurance companies.  She actually made you feel like you were the only client she had as she was very good at keeping me updated of everything going on with my case and she was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had.  She did absolutely everything she could in getting me a fair and just settlement.  I would highly recommend the Law Office of Pamela Aleman to anyone who has been involved in an accident and needs someone who will work hard for them and get them a settlement they rightfully deserve!  Thanks again for everything, Pamela! You've made the entire process so easy and stress-free for me!

Frankie B.   07/31/14                                          
I'm the type of person who loves to read reviews, but never write them.  Why?  To be honest, I'm not sure maybe it's laziness.  Truth be told reviews of businesses or services help me immensely when making decisions.  After the experience I had, I felt compelled to write a review on the amazing service and care I received at the Law Offices of Pamela Aleman.  Well a few months ago, I was involved in an accident a big rig crushed the whole right side of my car causing $19K in damages.  The whole ordeal was traumatic and the truck driver and his company were not the nicest people.  The accident was not my fault, but the trucking company refused to take the blame.  At first, I thought about trying to resolve the issue with them directly but after weeks of getting nowhere I knew the smartest thing to do was to hire a lawyer.  I have to admit I thought I could do it all by myself, but after getting ignored by the trucking company for several weeks I needed to show them I meant business.  I agonized on how to find the write lawyer that would have my best interest at heart.  I was so lucky to find Pamela Aleman who came highly recommended by a co-worker of mine.  I was amazed by her warmth, compassion and desire to make sure the trucking company did right by me.  Pamela was very attentive to my questions and concerns.  She kept me informed at every step in the process, and was relentless on making sure the trucking company accepted responsibility.   I can't tell you how important it is to have the right lawyer by your side.  If you want a lawyer who will work for you and treat you like a real person and not a client, the law offices of Pamela Aleman is the perfect place for you.  I can't tell  you enough how lucky I was to find her as a lawyer.  She compelled me to right my first review on an unforgettable experience.


Chris I.   10/10/14
I can't express how much Pamela has been a big help in the whole process when I was charged with a DUI.  She was very attentive and answered a lot of questions I was concerned about.  I came to Pamela when I was charged with a DUI and after going over all the details the night of the incident I felt comfortable that I found the right person to take my case.  After many calls to the DA, requests for evidence, and 2 canceled court dates, she was able to reduce my charges  to a Wet Reckless.  In the whole process Pamela kept me up to date with any or little information she was able to obtain.  After the trial, and the judge finalized my charges, Pamela made sure everything that I needed to take care of was handled in a timely matter.  She would check in to make sure my part was taken care off.  Overall I am very pleased with the time and dedication from The Law Office of Pamela Aleman.  Thank you again Pamela!

Edmund M.   10/11/14
I got arrested and charged with a DUI with a 0.11/0.12 BAC on the field and 0.09 BAC at the station.  My license was taken away, my car impounded, and I spent the night at the closest facility until I was released the next morning.  I was intimidated about the whole experience especially having to go to court.  I contacted Pamela Aleman, who came highly regarded, and she immediately put me at ease.  After a brief consultation she accepted my case and promptly went to work.  Pamela was very knowledgeable and she clearly explained every step of the process including the consequences if I was to be charged with a DUI. 

My initial court hearing was a month after I was arrested and Pamela appeared on my behalf, but since the court was backlogged my next hearing was to be determined.  Not only did Pamela keep me updated, she was able to schedule my administrative hearing with the DMV (which she also appeared on my behalf) around the same time as my court hearing so that I would not have to serve two difference suspensions on my license depending on the outcome of my case.  9 months later, the court finally gave me a hearing date and Pamela was able to reduce my charge to a Wet and Reckless.  I saved a lot of money and did not miss any time from work because of how much Pamela invested herself into my case and I am grateful for that.  Pamela Aleman is a trustworthy professional who is personable and forthright, which is what you want from a lawyer.  Thank you Pamela!

Mike U.     10/24/14
I was involve in an accident and because of it I needed treatment for my neck and back.  At first I was adamant to take the settlement because I already had several attorneys turning down the case but my chiropractor recommended Attorney Pamela Aleman and she was very confident that she can get me the settlement and the treatment that I deserve.  I am very lucky that attorney Pamela Aleman didn't gave up on me she tried very hard to convince me that I needed medical attention and that I needed to get treated until my neck and back gets better.  I was very fortunate that she didn't gave up on me because I was getting pressured by the other party's insurance company (Bristol West) to take the settlement. 

Attorney Pamela Aleman called me again and again to make sure that I was not making a huge mistake.  I felt that she really cared and that gave me confidence to hire her as my attorney to represent my case.  Attorney Pamela Aleman did not disappoint she delivered on her promise that she was going to get me the treatment and compensation that I deserve and through out the case she was very easy to talk to answered all my questions regarding my bill and very accommodating to give updated details about my case.  I highly recommend Attorney Pamela Aleman and THANK YOU SO MUCH attorney Pamela Aleman. 

Kristen M.    10/27/14
I was recently involved in an automobile accident.  I was introduced to Pamela Aleman through my Chiropractor.  I have to be honest; I almost didn't contact her because I was scared to jump on to something like this.  When I did contact her, Pamela was beyond helpful.  She explained the entire process in detail and was very patient with my questions.  Once she explained it all and we hung up, I literally called her back within ten minutes to have her answer more questions.  She helped me understand that I was doing this to help myself feel better and get the treatment I deserved. 

Throughout this process, Pamela has made me feel comfortable with the process and answered any questions I have had in detail and with patience, as well as keep me updated with each step she had taken with medical record, and working with the insurance agency.  There was never a moment that I felt left out of the loop or like I didn't know what was going on or where the claim was.  I have been very pleased with Attorney Pamela Aleman and have already recommended her to a friend.

Jon P.   11/04/14
I was involved in an automobile accident where I was rear ended on the freeway by a reckless driver.  This isn't my first rodeo.  I have been hit before an usually handle my own claims.  I was looking for an attorney this time because there were extenuating circumstances (I cannot remember the legal jargon) to this case and I felt I deserved more than I could get on my own.  I was turned down by several attorneys before finding Pamela through a referral from my chiropractor.  The other attorneys felt that even though I was right there would not be enough money in the case to make it worth their time. 

Working with Pamela I found her to be courteous, professional and very timely with communication.  I never had to track her down or remind her about my case.  In the end I got a reasonable settlement where all parties involved were satisfied.  The best part was that I did not have to deal with the insurance companies or medical bills myself.  I would advise anyone considering hiring The Law Office of Pamela Aleman to do so.  They will not regret it.

Jeanette B.    11/20/14
I was referred to Pamela by my chiropractor.  I have been very happy with her services.  She has contacted me every week even if nothing has happened.  To me this is an amazing service that is rare.  She handled everything professionally and the case was resolved to my satisfaction.

Jerry A.   01/12/15
Attorney Pamela Aleman handled my auto injury case with complete professionalism and due diligence!  She answered all of my questions and concerns in a timely and concise manner.  I am very satisfied with the settlement and highly recommend Pamela to potential clients.

Justin M.    01/29/15
I was involved in a vehicle accident back in March 2014.  I started having some back pain a couple days after the accident.  I found a chiropractor at (Beyond Chiropractic -- also 5 stars to them) who recommended I seek a lawyer for my case, that it would be a good idea.  She had me fill out some forms & she sent them over to Pamela that evening.  The next day I received a call from Pamela asking all the details of the accident.  She then took over at that point & told me I wouldn't have to do much but, give her any information needed, etc. as the case went on.  Pamela is very friendly, professional & most of all VERY HELPFUL!!! 

 I was always curious about the case & how things were going, & she would always respond in a timely matter giving me detailed updates.  I couldn't have ask for anything more then that, I mean from day 1 speaking with her all the way until my case recently settled early this month she was always there to help.  I would say if anyone needed a good Lawyer, someone that is on top of things, someone who cares for you on a business as well as personal level, she is the one to reach out to.  I was very satisfied with the end result, & a very fair settlement.  I would recommend her to anyone that I know & I would be back for more if ever needed. 

 Thanks again Pamela I really appreciate all of your assistance during my case!!!! Kudos to you & all that you do.

Olga V.   02/28/2015
I was involved in a bad car accident in March 2015.  Someone rear ended my brand new car, while I was pregnant.  It was the only accident that I had ever been in and caused me a great deal of pain.  I didn't know what to do, so I called Pamela and I am so happy that I did!! She's amazing! I'm constantly busy with no free time and she made it so easy for me.  She explained everything in detail and made sure that I completely understood the process.   I don't know what else to say besides call her if you want an amazing laywer

Joanne L.   03/01/2015
I was referred to Pamela by a very close friend.  I had a car accident and she took care of my personal injury case.  She was very professional and explained everything so clear.  She walked me through the whole process and up dated me every step of the way.  I was so pleased with her that I am going to refer everyone I know to her.  She is so easy to talk to and pleasant to deal with.  I would give her more stars if I could.

Carol B.   03/03/15
Pamela Aleman delivered everything as promised and more.  She did whatever it took for the best outcome of my case.  In November 2015, I was arrested for DUI and got my charges dropped to Wet Reckless.  I met with Pamela and instantly felt confident in her ability to defend my case.  She took care of all my paperwork and filings from there.  Mrs. Aleman represented herself in the most professional manner during the entire process.  She was there to guide me every step of the way and was full of knowledge and information.  Pamela was always available at all times during my case as she would answer any questions that I may have either by phone calls or via emails.  She was clear and helpful on every details she mentioned.  Pamela also appeared on my behalf for all my court dates and never had to miss work.  She kept me well informed after each court appearances.  Pamela is an outstanding lawyer and I HIGHLY recommend her.  If anyone needs a DUI lawyer, Pamela is the one for your case.  Thank you again Pamela!

Raymond J.  05/2015
I was referred to Pamela by my aunt after being involved in a car accident.  Pamela made the whole process very easy and was very helpful with any questions I had for her (which was many because it was my first ever accident).  She was very accessible and very quick to respond via email.  I would recommend her to any of my family or friends that need legal advice in the future.

Abegail S.   06/2015
Pamela is a very prompt, direct, professional, and understanding lawyer.  Without going into too much detail about my case, I can say that she made my experience stress-free which is a huge plus for me! I will always refer anyone I know in seek of legal counseling to her.

Isabel R.   08/2015
I was referred to Pamela's Law office by my chiropractor and I found her to be very professional and honest.  Her time frame on the matter was accurate and she always did what was in my best interest.  Pamela was able to help me by constantly emailing me {which was my best form of communication} and updating me on anything new or what the current situation was on the case.  Pamela checked in every time I told her I had an appointment to "see how things went."  I highly recommend Pamela, for the reasons I've stated above but also because she will not waste your time and ultimately has you're best interest at heart.

Alexis C.   08/25/15
I was involved in a hit and run (T-boned) and it messed up my neck, back and shoulders.  Needless to say, it disrupted my life, as well as my family's life.  I was referred to Pamela Aleman and her firm by a respectable person.  Pamela is easy to talk to and explains everything so well.  Every question I asked, she had an answer for and every email I would send, she responded quickly.  She kept me up to date with my case and made this whole ordeal stress free.  I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family!!!  She's wonderful!!!  Thank you Pamela and firm!!

Jennifer M.   09/15/15
First DUI offense, I had a great experience with Atty. Pamela Aleman.  She is very professional, easy to talk to, explain very well, helpful, kind and keeping me updated.  I felt so comfortable with her handling my case from DUI to wet reckless charge.  I would give her 10 stars.  Highly recommended to anyone on DUI cases.  Thank you so much for all your help Atty. Pamela Aleman.

Jasmine W.   09/22/2015
Pamela Aleman is an amazing lawyer!  I had a slip and fall injury which had affected my life tremendously, and I was having no luck finding a lawyer that would represent me.  Until I came across Pamela who was very informative about my lawsuit and she end up taking my case.  From that moment on Pamela was extremely organized, very knowledgeable about her case, persistent in her work, and she communicated very well with me.  She made my experience during my lawsuit very easy and manageable.  I was overwhelmed and stress by my injury, But, Pamela helped me to get through it by making sure all I had to do was focus on getting well and recovering through my treatment.  Pamela was very consistent in her work by making sure she followed up with both party's and always communicated if there was any changes in my lawsuit.  With Pamela as my attorney she won my case and worked hard to get the amount we wanted out of the settlement.  I would strongly recommend Pamela to represent you she is truly a lawyer of her word, and she will work her hardest to accommodate your needs as her client.

Dennis S.   02/2016
ATTORNEY Pamela Aleman highly recommend for anyone looking for a car accident lawyer she very on top of her case.  She communicates via email very detail.  FYI:  I have friend that we have the same problem.  He got to an accident last May 2015 and his case still on going not even for a settlements.  And we open my case last September 2015 and it's closed.

Alan U.   05/2016
Pamela was a great lawyer for my auto injury accident.  She's easy to work with and she explains everything in detail.  She will answer all your questions and responds all your questions promptly.  She will work hard to get what you deserve and she was polite and professional.  You won't be disappointed.  Thanks Pamela.

Deborah B.   05/30/16
I was in a car accident, and Pamela made everything so easy, I didn't have to worry about anything.  Pamela took all the stress away, handling all the stressful legal issues, and go me a great settlement.  I would recommend her to any one who has been in a car accident.

Sandra C.   06/10/16
I entered into this situation, not really knowing what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised.  Pamela always kept me apprised of the situation and handled whatever mounds of paperwork, that needed wading through.  She is professional, kind and delivers you excellent service.  I highly recommend her talents.


Kristine B.   07/20/16
I was looking for a lawyer for my auto injury.  A friend referred me to Pamela.  I contacted her, left a message and she returned my call the same day.  She is professional, knowledgeable and prompt.  She returns emails and calls.  I am satisfied with her service and I would defiantly recommend her to family and friends.

Eric S.   10/4/2016
I was involved in an auto accident where I was not at fault.  After several frustrating attempts at dealing with my insurance company as well as the other party's, I contacted Pamela to represent me.  She alleviated much of the run around one experiences with dealing with insurance companies including the medical bills I accumulated associated with the injuries I sustained from the accident.  Pamela always made herself readily available for any questions or concerns I had regarding the case and I was never out-of-the-loop.  Her communications regarding the terms and conditions of the case were always clear and not lost in legal jargon I could not understand.  I'm glad I chose her as my attorney.  She was truly my advocate.

Kisty J.   02/2017
I was referred to Pamela after I got into an auto accident where it was not my fault.  From the start she was very pleasant and professional and eager to assist me in any possible way.  I received updates frequently and promptly as the claim permitted.  Pamela explained everything to me in a manner that I would understand and feel comfortable.  When she says she will contact you she contacts you and that is very helpful especially when I didn't have a clue of what was to be expected.  Thank you Pamela for making this such a smooth process.

Ryan H.   03/01/17
This was my first time dealing with an injury claim due to an auto accident.  Ms. Aleman made the whole process very simple and stress free.  She was very prompt and straightforward in her communication.  She walked me through each step and phase of my client.  When the time came, she negotiated a fair settlement with the at fault drivers insurance company.  I am very pleased with the outcome, and i would recommend her to a friend of family member.

Thank you so much!

Ray G.   04/2017
I have dealt with many attorneys over the years and my biggest problem was communication.  But with Pamela she always responded to my e-mails with precise and prompt answers.  Not all attorneys would consider handling my case especially against a public entity.  I had a slip and fall due to improperly maintained safety railing on spectator bleachers.  She was able to settle my case within 12 months with all medical cost paid and a decent amount for pain and suffering.  I very happy with Pamala's work and would recommend her highly.

Allan P.   04/2017
Pamela is an excellent attorney.  Very supportive, easy to talk to, and patient.  She mad the process simple.  Communication is great.  Quick to answer every questions asked and makes it easy to understand.  I feel she puts in a lot of efforts to make the best outcome of my case.  I would definitely go back to her when I'm need again.

Steven J.   05/2017
If you don't want to read my long review, I'll summarize.  Give Pamela a call, she is amazing!  She will handle all of your business, and keep you well informed.  You will be happy.

If you were involved in an automobile accident and are in need of service, I would highly, highly HIGHLY recommend Pamela.  Let me explain my experience.

And now for my story....

 I was involved in an automobile accident, not my fault.  I was stopped in traffic on the freeway when someone plowed into me.  I suffered injuries and had family take me to the hospital immediately.  I did all that I was supposed to do in that I immediately sought treatment, was diagnosed, and collected the necessary documentation.  It turns out that I would need two separate surgeries (shoulder and knee) to fix damage done to my body in the auto accident.

 At first, I thought I could handle the insurance myself, so I tried.  I also knew I wanted some wort of settlement to cover any future treatment in case I lost my job and could not afford so I tried to handle that as well (I'm not a sue happy person - I work for a living, but am definitely not and idiot and think about what may happen in my future).  It became clear to me that sorting this all out was a much more complicated and time consuming than initially thought.

 It was recommended to me by a family member (who is a lawyer) to give one of the known firms (like one of the ones you see on tv) a call.  So I called.  I had to schedule an appointment to speak with them, which was scheduled for a date over a week after my initial call.  When my phone appointment came, I wasn't even speaking with a lawyer.  For the sake of making a long story shorter, my guess is that the big firms use assistants to talk to potential clients in order to screen them.  If they determine potential revenue for them isnt' worth the time, they will deny you.  And they did.  I get it.  I wasn't someone who tripped over a city street and wanted to sue for millions.  I wasn't someone who decided to look directly at the sun while standing on someone else's private property and wanted to file a claim because I burned my cornea.  I was just a regular person with serious, but not life threatening injuries who, in the end, wouldn't really move the needle in terms of revenue.  And no, I'm not salty.  I understand how the world works.

 I decided to look for local lawyers in my area that had good reviews.  I ended up contacting Pamela, and the weirdest thing happened.  She called me almost immediately.  Not her assistant and not someone screening to see if I was worth her time.  I told her what happened, what documents I had, and asked what she could do.  She thoroughly explained the process to me, and after I had no technical questions left, I straight up asked her "will I walk away with something?"  She assured me that I would.  And I did.

Let me tell you what ended up happening.  The person that hit me was underinsured.  Had the absolute minimum insurance a driver could have.  The person was not a citizen of the United States (and no I' not getting political), which means it is extremely difficult (if not impossible) to search for assets among other things.  This combination is almost the worst thing that can happen (I assume getting hit by an uninsured driver would be worse).  My surger expenses, other medical bills, physical therapy, etc was nearly double what his insurance would cover.  This brings me back to when I tried to handle off this myself.  If this happened to you, and you decided to have a go without a lawyer, what would you do?  I would've had no clue.  Thank goodness I had Pamela.

She explained everything to me, and told me she would take care of it.  And she did.  She filed an underinsured motorist claim, and more importantly, negotiated with the insurane company in an effort to reduce the total of my medical expenses.  In the end, she was able to negotiate my expenses down by nearly 20% of the origiginal total.  Amazing.  I wouldn't even know how to begin to do that if I were doing this on my own.

At the end of all this, my medical bills are paid, and I walked away with more than I thought I would by a factor of 3-5.  If my first knee surgery doesn't take, my surgeon told me I might need a full knee replacement in the future.  Having Pamela handle my case was the best thing that could have happened.  If I do need to come out of pocket for a future procedure, I have enough to cover it.  And while I wish this would have never happened, Pamela made sure I was taken care of and more.

If you made it to the end of this long review and are in need of a personal injury attorney, do yourself a favor and give Pamela a call.  Seriously, giver her a call.

Brandon M.   07/2017
I contacted Pam Aleman when I was involved in a rear end collision on the SF-Bay Bridge. The information I got from the other part's insurance company that hit me worried me so I knew I had to get an attorney to help represent me.  Pam took the time and explained every step of the process which helped relieve some of the stress that is invovled when you get injured.

Ritchel T.   08/2017
Excellent communication and great service! Pamela always responded very promptly to my emaisl and calls.   She was very thorough with the process and communicated well of what we were to expect.  Thank you again for your service.  Highly recommend her!

Initially, The other party's insurance company tried to settle and we found it to be unfair.  Pam went the extra mile and helped me get compenstated appropriately.  I highly recommend her Law services to all my friends and family members if they ever need a personal injury representative to help them.

 Thank you, Pam!

Iris S.   09/06/17
I contacted Pamela after I found out that the insurance of the person that rear ended me was located in the east coast.  she handled all the paper work and communications for me.  which was very helpful since I work during the working ours of the insurance company.  Communication was excellent with her, any question I had she answered as soon as she saw my email come through.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is involved in a collision.

Melissa L.   09/25/17
I was in a multi car accident on the bay bridge.  Being that I'd never been in an accident I had no clue of what steps to take but when the insurance company made no mention of payment towards my medical bills or pain and suffering for the injuries I knew I needed an attorney.  I googled auto accident attorneys in my area and Pamela Aleman was one of the attorneys that popped up in my search.  I called, left a message and with 24 hours she contacted me back.  I explained the details of the accident and she explained how she would be able to help me.  She asked me to think about it and let her know if I'd like her to represent me.  I felt very comfortable with her and decided that she was the attorney I wanted to retain.  From that point on, I didn't have to deal with anyone.  If I was contacted by anyone regarding the accident all I had to do was refer them to her.  The stress was so much less because of Pamela.  All I had to focus on was getting well and that was all.  Even though Pamela was close, I never had to make any extra trips to the office, everything was handled electronically.  I will definitely recommend her A+ services to anyone in need.


Karen S.   10/22/17
Pamela Aleman is great at what she does!  She represented myself and my daughter in a multi-vehicle accident, cause by a drunk driver claim.  I found her on Yelp, not knowing what was she was actually capable of.  She works in the best interest of her clients and works to get the best outcome and monetary award possible!  She is professional, and returns your calls and emails in a timely manner.  I strongly recommend Pamela Aleman!

Kyle B.   11/09/17
Excellent service.  Attorney Aleman was very easy to work with.  She explained the whole claim process very well and kept me updated through email.  Would definitely recommend her to anyone who has been in a car accident.

Karen W.   11/25/17
Pamela Aleman is one of the best attorneys I have ever worked with.  I was in the worst accident ever where I got hurt bad.  This accident was so bad that they sent a coroner to the scene.  A person did a rolling stop at a stop sign and if I did not turn to my left he would have been in my lap.  God saved my life. I found out about Pamela through Yelp.  My accident was 9-22-16 and I was in therapy for 6 months.  I did not know the law and what I read from her other reviews was high remarks.  That is why I had her represent me, she was always kind, explained everything to me where I would understand and worked on my behalf without waiver.  The insurance company could care less about me.  They wanted me to go away.  Pamela negotiated for me and understood my position and represented me in a professional manner until my case settled.  She cares.  Insurance companies are in business to make money and attorneys too. But not Pamela.  She is in business to help and because of how she helped me God will bless her abundantly.  I will recommend Pamela Aleman to anyone! Thank you Pamela for everything!

Marc S.   11/28/17
I was a passenger in a car accident n April 2016.  The other vehicle pulled out in front of us and we had no time to stop.  I suffered a fractured shoulder and the other driver was told by his boss to say nothing to us (literally nothing).

 I was referred to Attorney Aleman by a client who had also used her services.  She got my info and got to work right away.  Living in Oakland I didn't like the prospect of traveling to Fairfield.  Ms. Aleman said it can all be handled on the phone, via email, and maybe a fax.  Great.  When 2nd offer came in she gave me her opinion that it was a take it or go to court move.  I accepted it and had a check in the hand soon after.

 Ms. Aleman kept me updated and responded to my emails (my preferred means of communication) very quickly.  I would recommend her attorney services to others.

Dietrich K.   01/15/18
I called Pamela from a referral that my chiropractor gave me. They said she worked fast and was driven to get you the highest settlement possible. They were completely right and Pamela out performed by far. Within 2-3 months of her filing papers to the insurance company I had my settlement. Contacting her is super easy and she will get back to you if not within the same day by the next day. She works fast and is good at what she does.

The insurance company initially offered about $4300 for a settlement and Pamela said anywhere around $5000 would be reasonable. A week later she had negotiated $6000 and got my chiropractor to come down in expenses so I got more in my check. If you  need an attorney she is the person to go to, and you never even have to meet her. Everything can be done over the phone and by email.


Delana L.   01/16/18
Pamela did a great job in resolving my car accident injury case. She did a great job in keeping me updated and guiding me through the process. I was very satisfied with her services in resolving the case. She's an excellent attorney.

Liz P.   02/09/18
Last year in April a lady had t-boned me at a 4 way stop sign.  I decided to hire a lawyer and spoke to a few places but none of them really wanted to take my case since they thought it might not be worth it.  I spoke to Pam and she answered all my questions.  She always kept me updated and in the loop with everything.  Pam made this whole process easy for me!  If you have been in accident and just not sure what to do please give Pam a call!! She will help and talk to you about what she recommends.  I highly recommend Pam to anyone.

Thank you Again Pam for all your help!!

Elsa C.   03/30/18
My husband and I were involved in an accident on September 29, 2017.  We were rear ended while fully stopped downhill waiting at a red signal light at John Daly Blvd. We suffered injuries and our car damaged repair cost was over 21K.
This is our first car accident injury and upon contacting Pam as our family lawyer, she provided us professional guidance and thorough explanations of the legal process. She kept us informed and constantly updating us on the progress of the case. She did an excellent job from start to finish. We had just recommended her to a relative recently involved in a car accident.

Primo L.   05/15/18
My wife was in a car accident and we hired Pam as our attorney.  She did an excellent job with following up with us in a timely manner and taking care of the headaches of dealing with the insurance companies. She negotiated the settlement very well and my wife and I are quite pleased with the outcome.  She was very caring, professional, organized and detailed. I highly recommend her to represent you if you have recently been injured in a car accident. She will make sure that everything is taken cared efficiently and ensure a fair settlement.

Resyl R.   06/01/18
Last December, I was involved in a car accident with my parents and son.   I was involved in a chain reaction that included 2 other vehicles behind me.  I instantly contacted Pamela Aleman.  She was very helpful, thorough, efficient, and ALWAYS kept me in the loop from beginning to end of our case.  Her professionalism goes beyond my expectations.  She is very empathetic, dedicated throughout the process, responsive and respectful.  She really made the process easy and stress free.  I highly recommend Pamela Aleman and already told my family and friends about her.  My parents and I were very pleased with the outcome of our case.  

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, Pamela.  You are awesome!

R.J.   07/19/18
I highly recommend the Law Office of Pamela Aleman. 

I was in a car accident in October 2017. I experienced a neck injury and began seeing a chiropractor in an effort to heal from the pain. I was trying to seek repayment for my medical expenses from the insurance company of the person that was at fault, but his insurance company refused to return my calls for several weeks. The process was becoming extremely tiring and frustrating, so I reached out to Pamela Aleman for help.

Pamela accepted my case and took full control of handling the unresponsive insurance company. I am certain that my claim was handled much more quickly than I could have done on my own ( I could get nowhere with the at fault driver's insurer). 
Pamela not only secured complete payment for my medical expenses (...which all I really wanted), but she also got me a settlement for personal injury. 

It was a pleasure to do business with Pamela Aleman.

Naty R.   08/14/18
In June of 2017, I was involved in a car accident. Soon after, I called my niece regarding the news. She referred me to Pamela, and stated that she's a good lawyer that helped her with her personal injury claim. Based on my personal experience, Pamela is indeed an excellent lawyer. Pamela was very knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive. I will definitely recommend her to family, friends, etc. whenever they are involved in an accident.

Brianna C.  08/15/18
Pamela was extremely professional and handled my case in a timely manner. She always answered my questions promptly, and explained everything in detail. I would definitely recommend Pamela to anyone needing legal counsel.

Walt C.   09/13/18
Pamela Aleman was recommended to me after I was involved in a car accident. She was amazing handling my case. Any question I had for her, she responded in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Pamela's law firm.

Darryl H.   09/14/18
It was a pleasure doing business with Pamela Aleman. She gave prompt responses when answering our questions. I am glad we decided to go with the recommendation from our chiropractor and call her. She was very diligent in handling all the paperwork that was involved in our case and once our settlement check was made out she wasted no time in getting it to us.

K.P.   09/19/18
I contacted Pamela for an injury suffered as a result of a vehicle accident. Pamela screened my claim and explained the process. I chose to have Pamela represent me. All of our communication was done by phone and email which worked great for me. Pamela was responsive to all emails and answered any questions along the way. In the end, she helped resolve my insurance claim and the process was headache free. I will definitely contact Pamela for any future representation needs.

Frances M.   10/16/18
Last October my nephew was involved in a motorcycle accident that left him with a broken elbow and a total loss of his motorcycle.  Given the extent of his injuries and property damage I knew I couldn't handle the insurance and overall case by myself.  I found Ms. Aleman through her reviews and she lived up to her reputation.  She was courteous, informative, responsive, helpful and guided us through the whole process step by step.  I will recommend her to anyone who may find themselves in a similar unfortunate situation.

Alberto C.   11/1/18
Last June I was involved in a very bad car accident, and was referred to this firm by a family friend and I am so happy I decided to go with Pamela. She made sure we understood everything that happened with my case and was very helpful. She never made any promises she couldn't keep and always was a hundred percent honest with us. We were very pleased with her services! Thank You again for everything you have done. Definitely recommend her!

Jennifer M.   11/29/18

Pamela helped me after I got rear ended and the process was very easy and I was able to get the treatment I needed to recover from the accident right away, hassle free and no out of pocket expenses.

Faith C.   12/3/18
After a head on collision earlier this year, Attn. Pamela responded almost immediately after I had first contacted her. After doing treatment as advised, Pamela was able to get everything sorted out within a couple weeks. From her instant responses to her organized settlement paperwork, going through the settlement was a breeze and made the whole incident less stressful on my part. I am more than satisfied with how she handled my case and definitely recommend her to everyone!

EA   12/28/18
I was injured in a motorcycle accident and a friend referred me to Pamela.  She was very responsive and thorough every time we spoke.  Her guidance and knowledge made the entire process about as easy as I imagine it could have been.  Would definitely recommend.

Nicole P.   01/03/19
I was involved in a pretty substantial rear ending last year and after working with Pamela the process was so involved and so much back and forth it would have never navigated well on my own.  She explains everything in a way that you can understand and make good decisions.  I would suggest using Pamela to assure your success in it all.

Thank you so very much for all the hard work and results you provided us in this process.

Grace C.   01/10/19
Atty. Pamela Aleman is indeed an excellent lawyer and very professional that I would highly recommend to my relatives and friends.  If in the future I will be needing her assistance, I will surely contact her again, no doubt.

Allison H.   01/15/19
I used Pamela after having my car totaled in a freeway accident.  We communicated by phone and email which is always my preference.  She kept in contact through the process, which was rather long due to my continuing treatment.  I would definitely recommend her to others.

Carla D.   03/13/19
The service I received exceeded my expectations for a law office.  All my emails and questions were responded to in a prompt and professional manner.  I was treated with respect and kindness.  I feel she fought hard to get the settlement I deserved.

Arthur M.   03/15/19
Pam is absolutely the best! I have been in accidents before, handled cases on my own and was represented by other attorneys as well but Pam is totally incomparable.  After contacting her after my accident, she made the process seem so smooth with her excellent communication and would always respond back very quickly with my updates or answering my questions.  I also appreciated how descriptive and in dept she would go through my case in regards to my treatment to help me feel comfortable through the process and to help me get better.  Thank you Pam for all your help and highly recommend her!

Kenneth A.   03/24/19
After being in an accident, I Googled for an injury lawyer in Fairfield and Pamela was on top.  With all her help, I got everything I needed for my recovery and quick settlement.

Joseph S.   04/11/19
Pamela was a great help to me after my accident. She went above and beyond for me and was very professional, she answered all questions promptly and concisely.  I barely had to do anything, so if you are looking for someone to represent you Pamela is the right choice any day of the week.

Danny G.   04/29/19
Pamela handled my vehicle accident case.  No out of pocket expenses and great communication.  The case was trouble free as she handled everything.  I was happy with the outcome.  I will definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a professional.

Arnulfo D.   08/20/19

Pamela was very tentative and helpful with my rear end collision case.  Even thought she was worried I asked for representation a little late in the process, she still took me in and was still able to get a good settlement.

She is very tentative, honest, responds very quickly to emails, and stays on top of her game.  I would highly recommend her to represent you.  Her and her staff are very nice and quick to help.

Thank you Pamela for everything, I will definitely be talking to you again if I need a lawyer!

Ken G.   10/08/19
My family and I were in a car accident in which we were rear-ended on the freeway.  I contacted Pamela and set up a consultation with Pamela for my wife and I.  After some discussion, we chose to have her represent us in our claim.  Pamela helped us get the maximum settlement that the other driver's insurance allowed up to policy limits.  She was very professional and responsive to emails.  She did a great job representing us.  The only thing that I didn't really like is that she didn't want to represent our kids suit.  In the end it worked out fine.  We probably ended up with a little more this way but there was a great learning curve for me to deal with the other parties insurance adjusters and the kids medical bills.  She wasn't much help with that and I was on my own to navigate it.  When I did call for some advice on it, she answered a few questions and then said I can't advise you on this.  All in all, I would still chose her.  Very happy with the outcome.

Andrea C.   10/29/19
I contacted Pamela after someone hit my car while I was stopped.  She made going through this difficult process bearable.  It was so nice to have someone like her fight for me against these insurance companies who will take advantage of a person like me.  She kept in touch with me throughout the entire process and negotiated until I received a settlement that I deserved.  I would recommend her to anyone who needs the services of an attorney in a situation like mine.

Patricia R.   02/12/20
Best lawyer I could have asked for.  Pamela was very communicative throughout the process of my case, always keeping me informed step by step along the way.  Definitely recommend her to anyone seeking counsel for accidents.  Thank you again for all of your help Pamela, 5 stars all the way!

Lily L.   02/17/20
Pamela was such a big help after I had gotten into a car accident over the summer.  She was very kind and patient as well as maintained communication throughout the process, which I appreciated very much.  In the end she helped me settle with a generous amount, much more than I probably would have been able to get on my own.

Ray S.   02/20/20
My wife was in a car accident last year and Atty Pam Aleman agreed to represent her.  We couldn't have made a better choice in having Pamela as her Lawyer.

Ms. Aleman is easy to talk to and she's straight to the point.  She has kept us in the loop through out....

Very intelligent, knowledgeable, and transparent....

We highly recommend her to anyone in need of representation....She's the best of what she does, simply AWESOME!!!!

Thanks for everything Atty Pam!!!!

Brandon L.​   03/05/20
I highly recommend Ms. Aleman.  She is a professional and knows what she's doing.  My family and I was in a car accident and she saw us through from start to finish.  She fought to get us the fax settlement amount and we are extremely pleased with the outcome.  Pamela, thank you so much from me and my family!

Nadia H.   03/10/20
Great lawyer! I have no prior experience dealing with a lawsuit and Pamela was incredibly helpful.  On our initial phone call, she walked me through the entire process and was very patient answering all of my questions.  Throughout the process, she was very good about following up with me regarding the status of everything.  Additionally, she fought for me to get the maximum settlement amount possible.  I would highly recommend her services!

Kristin C.   03/31/20
Pamela is Amazing.  After I got into my car accident, I went on a search for a lawyer to help me with my case.  I requested a consultation through yelp and she responded within a couple of hours.  From the consultation, to the negotiation process, to the payment process, Pamela kept constant communication with me through each step and explaining in detail what she could do for me.  Most communication with her was through email, which was beneficial, in providing a quick response to my questions an concerns.  I cant thank her enough.

Being in a car accident can be very overwhelming, especially if you were not the cause of it.  Staring at the hospital bills alone can be very scary, because they add up fast when you are injured.  Pamela is on your side and she will advocate and negotiate for you.  She helped me and I am sure she can help you too!

She D.   04/08/20
I need to give Pamela an infinity of stars!  My husband and I have used Pamela for all of our MVA claims.  That's about 7 claims.  I initially found her here on Yelp.  One of the MVA claims I sustained a head injury and took about 2 years to help from it.  That claim was a long process to close, but she was patient with me, thorough and efficient.  She is NOT a procrastinator.  She is always on it with paperwork, and very knowledgeable with laws and deadlines.  Pamela comes off with a friendly face, but when she speaks her tone is what you want in an attorney.  She is a great communicator.  I was on a 3-way call with her and she was professionally aggressive.  Great attribute!  She brings RESULTS!  Especially when people don't do their party.  You don't want to mess with her.  She knows her stuff.  I also like how she is trustworthy.  She guided me through the process as it was hard for me to handle cognitively but she made it as seamless as possible.  You cannot go wrong using her as your attorney.  At least try her, and guarantee you won't regret it.  She's top-notch, sharp, smart, very responsive to emails, calls, knows what she's doing, will represent you to everything your worth!

Patty J.   04/29/20
I was in a car accident and contacted Pamela. She was extremely helpful. She walked me through the entire process.  Not only did she explain everything in detail she communicate everything step by step.  I had no prior experience dealing with a lawsuit.  I highly recommend Pamela to represent you.  My only regret is that I didn't get to meet her in person and express my gratitude.  

Thank you Pamela for your honesty and hard work.  God Bless.



G. & M. Reyes   07/23/2020

Atty. Pamela represented us in our personal injury claim.  My wife and I are glad that Atty. Aleman agreed to accept our case.  She was professional, always in communication, and she answered the many questions we had along the process.  We would recommend Atty. Aleman to friends and family

Jamesina Q.   08/2020

I am probably one of the hardest clients to get a hold of and I am very grateful that Atty. Pamela was the lawyer who took my case and I appreciate the patience and effort she had put into my case.  She did  an amazing job keeping me up to date with everything that was on with my case.  I really felt like she cared about getting the right settlement for my injury and even though I was not the only case she was handling it still felt like I had her full attention.  Despite the struggle with getting a hold of me she still made continuous effort to reach out and make sure I was prepared when we went into the litigation process.  I am truly thankful for all the work she had put into my case and I am extremely satisfied with the end result.  I highly recommend her firm if you're looking for a personal injury attorney.

Delfin S.   09/26/2020

My wife and I encountered a wrong way driver last year.  My wife suffered bruised ribs and a knee.  I was also bruised up along with a broken wrist that required surgery.  We contacted Pamela to set up a consultation.  She was very thorough in explaining the process and steps.  She was patient in listening and answering our questions.  We felt confident and comfortable with her to represent us with our injury claims.  Most of our communications were via emails and texts.  If anything urgent, then she would call or leave a voice mail.  We appreciate that she was very professional and organized.  She took the time to explain each stage of the process.  We are happy with the results that Pamela had accomplished for us.

Brittney V.   12/09/2020

After a traumatic dog bite accident, I reached out to Pamela Aleman through Yelp and she touched basis with me within a day!  We discussed the case and she sprinted into action.  I had such a great experience and would recommend her to anyone!

Aurora L.   01/08/2021

It was a pleasure speaking with Pamela Aleman over the phone regarding my MVA.  She walked me through the process and answered all of my concerns.   We did not get to meet in person, but I was positive and comfortable with Pamela to represent me on my case.  Upon her receipts of all necessary documents, she sent out letters of Representation to all necessary parties and began working on my claim.  All of our communications were done by emails.  She was responsive to my emails and answered all my questions.  she continued to provide me with updates regarding my claim.  I am grateful for the hard work she had put into the settlement negotiations.  I am happy with the outcome and highly recommend Pamela to anyone in need of representation.

Jordan F.   02/02/2021

Pamela did nothing but support me and get me through one of the toughest times of my life!  She is AMAZING!  Words can not describe how happy I am with everything she did for me! Lord willing nothing ever happens to my car again, but if it does I am coming straight to Pamela! Thank you again for everything you did for me!!!!!

Monica O.  06/08/2021

Pamela Aleman law office was professional.  I was always informed as to what was going on with my case.  Every time I called or sent an email she responded immediately.  I definitely recommended Pamela Aleman.  She also did and excellent job with negotiating my settlement so that would receive highest amount.

Arthur M. 06/25/2021

Pamela was great handling my car accident case. She is very thorough and answered all of the questions I had. She is detailed and caring and even took the time to describe the possible scenarios very clearly and concisely. Her response time was excellent and handled my case much faster than I thought it would take. She's amazing!

Maribel M. 09/2021

I can't thank Ms. Aleman enough for all the hard work she did in handling our case from start to finish.  She was very responsive and attentive to all emails that I had back and forth with her.  Every document/email sent was very well explained and forward.  I did not experience any confusion whatsoever! I would definitely recommend Ms. Aleman for any future claims that others may be in need of.  I couldn't had done this on my own.  Thank you so much Ms. Aleman!!!!

P.G. 09/07/2021

It was a year ago when a drunk driver rear ended my vehicle.  A family friend recommended me to Pam.  Due to Covid, our conversation was only through emails which was totally fine.  

Pam walked me through the process.  She was very thorough with the whole thing.  She answered all my emails in a very timely manner.

Due to the low limit policy, she contacted my healthcare providers/lienholders to negotiate a reduction in their liens so I can get more return in my net proceeds.  And they all agreed for reductions btw.  Once of my biggest surprise was, she lowered her attorney's fees as well so that I can get more in return.  I was stunned in disbelieve that someone was actually willing to do that kind of kindness. Overall experience with her was truly 100% satisfaction.  Thank you Pam!!!  I highly recommend her!!!

Jan D. 09/01/2021

Big THANK YOU for incredible services that Attorney Pamela Aleman provided.  After my car accident, it was very stressful. I got rear ended last February in the freeway going home from work and the person hit and run.  It as my first time ever involved in a car accident.  I didn't know what to do, my husband was the one dealing and talking with insurances, etc.  Family and friends would tell us to get an Attorney.  Luckily, we listened and my husband discovered Attorney Aleman and her services.  She made the process easy for me.  She always made sure to follow up and always update me with important information.  I recommend her 100%.  You'll never get disappointed.

John M. 10/12/2021

Attorney Pamela Aleman is an awesome attorney.  She handled my case from start to finish and received the best outcome for my case.  She answered all my questions about the process of my claim and guided me to the right direction.  She even referred me to the right place to get my medical needs due to my personal injury.  I highly recommend her services.

Mary M. 11/19/2021

Back in July 2021, Pamela was very professional, worked hard and relentless on my personal injury case.  The results she gave me were amazing especially during COVID protocols when all interactions were strictly phone calls and emails.  She kept me updated on every negotiation meeting she had with the other party leaving me well informed and satisfied with the final result.64

Tracy R.  12/22/2021

I met Pamela, on 1/5/21.  I explained my personal injury case to her.  And, from that day she took on my case.  Pamela, kept me informed through out the entire process of my case.  Whenever I had any concerning questions, there was always a quick response time from Pamela.  Either a phone call or email, I really appreciated that.  I would definitely recommend this Law Firm, for your Personal Injury case.  I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case.

Valerie M. 12/30/2021

I highly recommend Pamela Aleman for anyone who needs service for a small claims auto or other case.  I found her very thorough and responsive in her communication and she kept me informed of how the case was progressing every step of the way.  I am very satisfied with her handling of my case.

Cameron R. 01/11/2022

Simply the best

Ms. Pamela Aleman is the Best Attorney.  She is the most professional and organized person I have met.  She answered all my questions and helped me tremendously with my medical bills.  She is top notch and kept me totally informed every step of the way.  She fought hard to secure the best outcome for me.  She is Professional in every sense of the word.  I thank my Lucky Stars I found her.  Thanks Again Pamela, You are the Best.

Paolo M. 02/10/2022

Thank you for constantly keeping me informed about the best course of action for settling my situation.  I greatly value your negotiating abilities and recommendations on the subject. I can't thank you enough for all of your help.  Throughout the duration of my case, your legal expertise and professionalism far exceeded my expectations.

Natividad D. 02/11/2022

Pamela Aleman is a very tentative and focus driven attorney.  Pamela and her team handled my case with great attention and never disappointed me.  Do not hesitate to call her office if you need legal assistance with your case.  I was in a car accident and she was able to get me a great settlement and I can say with confidence that I will go to her again if ever I need an attorney.  Thank you Pamela for all the great work you do.

Asif H. 03/05/2022

I initially had reached out to Pamela regarding an accident on I-80 EB just before the bay bridge.  My care was rear-ended very badly and ended up being totaled.  My back ended up having herniated discs, I had to go through almost a year of chiropractic care and some injections in my spine.  All during this, I was rear-ended another two times!!!  With another of those accidents totaling my vehicle.  

I was probably one of the most complicated cases and Pamela was able to handle all three of my claims in an efficient and caring manner.  I would absolutely recommend working with Pamela with the utmost confidence.  I was happy with the settlement and her negotiating some of my medical and chiropractic care bills down.


Thank you Pamela!

Gabe E. 03/23/2022

Working with Atty. Aleman was very smooth and she was very helpful throughout the whole process.  With the exception of the initial consultation, everything else was done via email, which made everything easier since there are no missed calls.  We contacted Attys. Aleman after the at-fault party in our minor car accident informed us that they will no longer pay for any more of our treatment, even though we were still in pain and not near pre-accident condition.  What my family wanted was to continue our treatment plan, and any monetary settlement was secondary to us, and so when we found out Atty. Aleman was able to negotiate with the other party and our treatment providers so that we can get a nice settlement, we were very grateful and pleased.  Hopefully we won't need another personal injury lawyer, but if we do, we'll definitely contact Atty. Aleman again, and I would recommend contacting Atty. Aleman if you are in need of one.

Elizabeth Abueg 03/25/2022

Ms. Aleman was very responsive to all our questions/concern.  She is definitely a good lawyer!  Highly recommended.

Aura D. 04/07/2022

My name is AuraDizon and was a client of Ms. Pamela Aleman.  

I was involved in a automobile accident with bodily injury recently.  It was no fault of mine.  The other parties insurance was so quick to offer settlement without any concern to my pain and suffering

I acquired the expertise of Ms. Aleman and settled it to my satisfaction.

Michellyne U. 04/2022

Last year wasn't the best year for me.  I had just finished my payments on my Mini Cooper in April and was hit by a Toyota Sequoia on July 15.  I didn't know what to do.  I had my first consult visit with a chiropractor and was told to seek legal advice because of my situation.  I called a few law firms for advice.  But when I reached out to Pamela Aleman, she scheduled an appointment for me so she can give me her undivided attention and understand my situation to confirm if I even have a case.  I had spoken to Pamela and informed her that I was t-boned driving my Mini Cooper on a 4 way intersection by a huge SUV.  She asked me multiple questions regarding the day of my accident and exactly what happened and what I can remember.  She asked if I was injured and if I was transported by an ambulance.  She asked if the other party was cited and if a police report was done.  She also asked if I have any photos of my vehicle after the incident, any witnesses, anyone else in the vehicle with me or the other party, the location or city the incident occurred, and if the police was there.  Pamela had explained the process from start to end if I decide to move forward on hiring her to represent me.  She confirmed I have a case.  She also stated, that any medical treatments involving my vehicle accident, will be placed on a lien until case is completed for payments to be made by the other party's insurance.  Pamela didn't rush me on my decision to hire her.  She was so very informative (not like the other law firms I contacted).  She told me to think about it and to contact her if I would like to move forward.  So outcome, yes I hired Pamela Aleman to represent me on my case.  She was always communicative, kept me in the loop, and wanted to make sure I was done with treatment so she can move forward with a demand letter.  She provided her honest opinions regarding more treatments if needed.  Pamela always had my best interest.  At the end of the day, Pamela never settled until she knew it was a great offer or final offer and when I was happy with it as well.  Pamela is so reliable, trust worthy, honest and care about my well being.  I am very happy that I made the decision to have Pamela represent me and so will you!!

Sadie B. 05/17/2022

Ms. Aleman was great, she took on my accident case from October.  We communicated via email which was easy, she had great follow up and excellent communication.  I was very pleased with the way my case was handled as this was the first time I've ever used an attorney.  I would definitely recommend Ms. Aleman and use her again if needed.  

Lauren R.  08/2022

I found The Law Office of Pamela Aleman through Yelp for my mother's accident.  Yelp doesn't disappoint!  Since my mom is old and limited with electronics and communications, I was the mediator between Pamela and mom.

Pamela was extremely detailed and patient.  She explained how the whole process works from the very beginning.  I learned about the actions or steps and through her thorough explanation, everything made sense.

We were hesitant to hire  a lawyer with this notion that the settlement will just to go lawyers fees.  Thank goodness I went to Yelp and decided to get a free consultation from a few lawyers.  Pamela contacted me right away and was the only one who explained everything and went above and beyond with the consultation making sure we understood the whole process and comfortable if we were to hire a lawyer.

Long story short, she took away all the headaches my mom would have faced if she didn't hire her.  My mom didn't do anything but submit the paperwork/receipts to Pamela's office.  My mom would have taken the settlement that would essentially leave her with nothing plus medical bills for ongoing treatments.  We had no idea that if my mom had taken the settlement, the insurance will go after the settlement money and deduct the medical bills and would leave her with nothing.  With Pamela, she was able to seek the proper treatment and the time she needed to get PT, chiropractic regimen, doctors tests without being rushed to settle.  Pamela negotiated the final bills with the PT, chiropractors, insurance company and lowered the bills which we weren't aware and would have paid whatever these parties present us.  Most of all, she negotiated with the insurance adjuster and maximized the settlement amount.  In the end, my mom ended up with a net amount she was satisfied with minus the lawyer and medical fees..

Lena S. 08/2022

Pamela was amazing.  She was very communicative, gave constant guidance and information.  She helped reach a maximum settlement for this specific situation.  Would definitely recommend.

Shiela J. 09/2022

Pamela is amazing.  She assisted me in my car accident and I did not have a single thing to worry about.  What I appreciated most about Pamela is that she is highly professional and very knowledgeable.  She educated me on the process and what to expect.  I had absolutely nothing to worry about.  She always responded right away.  One thing I really appreciate is how efficient she is.  I highly recommend Pamela.  I will definitely be referring everyone to her office.

Parker H. 09/2022

​I hired Ms. Aleman to help me with my case after being hit by two drunk drivers.  She did a phenomenal job, she was very thorough, informative, and very helpful and really stayed on top of things. If you are looking for someone to help you out with a case I highly recommend going through her for the best result's possible.

Jae S. 10/2022

Pamela Aleman is amazing, professional, and knowledgeable. Everything was communicated via e-mail which made it very convenient for me. She quickly responded to all my questions and always made to sure follow up and keep me in touch with all the updates. She made everything stress free. I cannot thank Pamela enough for assisting me with my car accident/personal injury case. I am very grateful and appreciative for all her time and effort with my settlement. I highly recommend her if you need legal assistance.

Ron D. 11/2022

I am more than satisfied on how Atty. Pamela handled my case. Grateful and appreciative for all the effort and time to get my settlement. Always making sure that she keeps me updated and that's makes it easier on my part. Highly recommended to everyone.

​Karina S. 12/2022

I contacted Pamela when I was involved in a motor vehicle collision. Pamela did an amazing job at explaining the legal logistics of what needed to be done and always responded in a timely matter. Pamela frequently checked in to receive updates on how I was doing and always made it known that she was willing to answer any questions. Pamela is dedicated to the well-being of her clients and ensures proper measures are met to meet the needs of her clients.

I thoroughly appreciated working with Pamela. It is no doubt that being in a motor vehicle collision is traumatic and difficult--however, Pamela made my recovery process quite simple. Pamela is accountable, reliable, and a hard-worker to meet my needs.

I recommend the law office of Pamela to anyone that needs a personal injury claim related to motor vehicle collisions!

Eloisa O. 01/2023

The law firm of Pamela Aleman and associates did an excellent job representing my case. I felt relieved and at ease when Pam took my case which allowed me to moved forward both physically and mentally knowing that I didn't have to deal with the adjustor anymore. She took care of everything and kept me informed. I am very satisfied with her service.

David G.  01/2023

Pamela Aleman represented me after I was hit by a vehicle while crossing the street. She did a fantastic job and I have no hesitation about recommending her. After the insurance company's first offer she continued to negotiate and was able to secure a fair settlement higher than the original offer. Additionally, after the settlement was agreed upon, she negotiated with the hospital for a reduction in charges which was only to benefit me and not herself.

Julie G. 02/2023

My case wasn't a big one but Ms. Aleman took the case and gave it the attention it needed for a successful settlement.  She kept me informed of things on a regular basis. She is professional and conscientious.

Vee C. 05/2023

I didn't want to deal with the insurance run or around, so, I seeked professional services. I was rear ended last year and my case wasn't a big one compared to others, but, Ms.Aleman took my case and I am very grateful. The initial consultation was via phone and she provided me with very professional step by step information regarding the legal process. I never met Ms. Aleman in person, but, she made me feel comfortable during the entire process even during times which felt overwhelming and unfair. Majority of the conversations documented were via email and any time something was unclear, Ms.Aleman took the initiative to call to make sure everything was clear. I really appreciated the great customer service! She went above and beyond for my case even though I feel like she should've been compensated more for her time. Thank you so much, Pamela!

Francisco F. 05/2023

While browsing Yelp in search of the best assistance through my tough situation, I found Pamela Aleman and I made a great decision in picking her as the best choice! Thank you so much!

Eli M. 05/2023

I had been involved in a car accident where I was rear-ended and was looking for a lawyer to help with my case and negotiate a settlement for me. I went through Yelp and saw that Pamela Aleman was a local personal injury lawyer. Attorney Aleman made everything super easy and straightforward for me and she gave my case her full attention. She is very professional and responded promptly to emails regarding any questions I had for her. If I ever need a personal injury lawyer again I would contact Attorney Aleman.

Brenda H. 06/2023

I would recommend The Law Office of Pamela D. Aleman to anyone who needs someone that is on their side, who would fight hard for you.  Ms. Pamela Aleman did just that for me!  When I thought there was no hope she kept me informed every step of the way.  I am so glad I found her!  If you need someone who will fight for you; who knows the ins and outs of whatever you are going through.  Give the Law Office of Pamela D. Aleman a call.  You will be glad you did.  I am so thankful!

Samantha N.  08/14/2023

​Nobody ever wants to be in an accident let alone be injured from it and have to deal with the legal system for reparations. Well, unfortunately it happened to me last summer where I was practically t-boned on the freeway resulting in a car loss and injuries. I have never been in this magnitude of an accident, so I went looking for advice. I did extensive research on possible attorneys and Pamela was the most responsive to my case.

Pamela is honestly an introvert's dream. We mostly
communicated via email and she was amazing at following up with me, especially if I dropped the ball or missed something. She was great at helping navigate the legality of it all and fought for the best case. This immensely took the stress off of me while going in and out of physical therapy and trying to heal physically and emotionally.

Thank you, Pamela for being so easy to work with the past year. I hope I never have to seek you out again, but god forbid that I ever have to, I know who I'm coming to!

Dee J.  08/22/2023

My Attorney Pam is Honest, Professional, Kind, and Courteous!!!

Attorney Pam has made the legal process a breeze! Pam took care of the insurance process with ease! It was nice to have legal peace of mind after my rear- end car accident!

Pam always has her clients best intentions at the fore-front to get the most compensation possible!

I will recommend Attorney Pam's services  100% to all my friends & family looking for an attorney with integrity that can get quick results!

Pam kept my case solid from beginning to end! Pam took initiative to go above and beyond many times to assure quick results with payments being processed early or on time!

Attorney Pam got me more $$$ that expected!

5 Stars!

A Big Thank you Pam! God Bless You!

Pamela Aleman should be your first choice for personal injury lawyer!

I didn't have to put any money down!

Call her for a quote today!

Kevin L. 10/05/2023

I am so glad to found the Pamela's service. She helped to get the settlement that I supposed to. I didn't have any knowledge of accident at all. She explained very well and I didn't have to do anything. She handled all the necessary paperwork and so on. I highly recommend her service.

Raul R. 10/10/2023

My lawyer was exceptionally professional fast and she did an outstanding job! Highly recommend!

Carla D. 10/12/2023

Ms. Aleman is courteous and handles a case with ease. She made sure the process was stress- free. It was nice have a lawyer that was knowledgeable and trustworthy. It was a pleasure working with her.

Koychin S.  04/05/2024

I cannot express enough gratitude for the outstanding legal assistance provided by Pamela Aleman and their team. From the very first consultation to the resolution of my dad case, every step of the process was handled with utmost professionalism, compassion, and expertise.

Facing an injury is never easy, but having Pamela on my side made a world of difference. Their depth of knowledge in personal injury law and commitment to advocating for their clients is truly commendable. They took the time to listen to my dad concerns, thoroughly explained his legal options, and guided us through the entire legal proceedings with patience and empathy.

Throughout the process, communication was prompt and transparent, keeping us informed and involved every step of the way. Their dedication to securing the best possible outcome for my dad case was evident in their strategic approach and attention to detail.

I wholeheartedly recommend attorney Pamela Aleman to anyone seeking legal representation for personal injury matters. Their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to justice truly set them apart. Thank you, Pamela Aleman, for your exceptional service and for making a positive difference in my life.I cannot express enough gratitude for the outstanding legal assistance provided by Pamela Aleman and their team. From the very first consultation to the resolution of my dad case, every step of the process was handled with utmost professionalism, compassion, and expertise.

Facing an injury is never easy, but having Pamela on my side made a world of difference. Their depth of knowledge in personal injury law and commitment to advocating for their clients is truly commendable. They took the time to listen to my dad concerns, thoroughly explained his legal options, and guided us through the entire legal proceedings with patience and empathy.

Throughout the process, communication was prompt and transparent, keeping us informed and involved every step of the way. Their dedication to securing the best possible outcome for my dad case was evident in their strategic approach and attention to detail.

I wholeheartedly recommend attorney Pamela Aleman to anyone seeking legal representation for personal injury matters. Their professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to justice truly set them apart. Thank you, Pamela Aleman, for your exceptional service and for making a positive difference in my life.